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Short's Brewing

We have provided our content creation and social media management services for Short's Brewing and their sister brands Starcut Ciders and Beaches Hard Seltzer.

Short's Brewing

Short's Brewing is an iconic staple in Northern Michigan, and the state's third largest brewing company. The "Willy Wonka" of brewing, Joe Short and team develop all kinds of innovative recipes that keep the craft beer world on their toes. We have worked closely with Short's to ensure that their content and social media reflects the fun, innovative, and caring nature of the company. Here are a few of our favorites, you can check out more on their social media.

Starcut Ciders

Starcut Ciders boast a range of flagship, seasonal, and specialty modern ciders with a fun mid-century space theme. We have been working closely with Short's to develop a new visual and photographic aesthetic for the brand.

Beaches Hard Seltzer

A low-cal, low-carb, no sugar seltzer brand, Beaches needs to look mouth-wateringly delicious while showing off its healthy attributes. Enjoy a taste of our photos below.

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