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Other Projects

We're always keeping busy creatively. Below you can find some of the ways we've woven our love of multimedia production into other aspects of our lives.

Award Winning Short Films

Over the years, the OB and Co. team has produced a number of award winning short films, shown in festivals in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.

Monthly Vlogs

Throughout our undergraduate degree, Sam and Max created monthly videos documenting (in some silly way or another) our university experience. This is our first video.

School Work

Naturally, we couldn't leave our visual storytelling behind in our media degrees. Here's a video Sam and Max created for a course project in graduate school.

As undergraduates, Max and Sam took part in their degree's Honors Program. In a course on the European Union, they created a series of videos to promote and engage with an on-campus event with the EU's Commissioner for Transport.

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