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Lakeside Shakespeare

We take care of multimedia production and social media marketing for Benzie County's favorite theatre troupe. 


Since 2016, Max has been creating promotional videos for Lakeside Shakespeare's summer theater performances. Here are two of Lakeside's most recent shows.


During dress rehearsals, OB and Co. also captures photographs of the fast-paced shows for archive and promotional purposes. 


To tie together our custom promotional videos for Lakeside Shakespeare, Sam creates unique and tailored music for each video. 


We the Moon People
Chase the Carousel


The Moon Shines Bright
Pastoral Comical, Comical Pastoral
What Happened to Catherine
Hey Ho


For Lakeside Shakespeare's last in-person season in 2019, OB and Co. also developed and designed the poster and program for the season.

Lakeside Shakespeare 2019 Poster.png
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